As interesting and thrilling game it might be, at the end of the day Poker is a game of chance, so when playing here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid or at least pay more attention:

  • Be patient as this skill is the first and foremost thing a new player needs when playing Poker.
  • Over playing should be avoided every time you miss the flop with your AK. When there is a bet and a raise ahead of you there is no reason to stay in the hand. If you didn’t hit on the flop, let go.
  • Don’t play too many hands. Top players typically play 20-30 % of their starting hands, so in case you’re a beginner better concentrate on higher value starting hands than too many. Be aware, as playing more doesn’t mean winning more, it usually means losing more.
  • Playing out of your bankroll. Even the most talented player cannot withstand the variance if the limits are too big. Know every time where your limits are.
  • Being too emotional – Movies, stories and legends circle around on how games and bets are lost when emotions are shown during a card game. It can be great help when you learn to read on others moves or poker faces, so watch how others bet, how much they bet, what positions, moves they make when betting. Learning on how your opponents play is a key element in Poker while you never reveal your moves and feelings.

Remember that you cannot always win as playing Poker sometimes means losing money too, but when you pay just a little attention and stick to the basics, it surely will become your favorite game and will enjoy it every time you sit down for a game.