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A Basic No Limit Holdem Strategy

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When I graduated from the freeroll tables to play poker for money, I learnt some tough lessons, that hurt.. in fact they still hurt a bit when I think about them today…

But one of the most important lessons I learnt, which actually probably applies to life in general is – knowing when to fold and keep out of a hand.  Its a basic strategy, that a lot of new poker players say, come on tell us more.. but you cant tell that much more.. people have to play a lot of poker to get a feel of when to pull out.  And thats because it depends on so many factors.. how are the other players playing? how many people are playing? etc etc.

Knowing when to fold is even more important in no limit holdem games, because if you get on the wrong side of the betting, it can damage your bankroll badly!!  Believe me!!  So remember one important basic strategy for no limit holdem – learn when to back out of a hand.

I am still trying to perfect the life lesson of knowing when to keep quiet…

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