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I often get asked how do I find the best online casinos to play poker?  Or, another frequently asked question is, “How do I know I’m getting the best deal on my poker site?”

And the answer is easy – Look at casino review sites.  They do all the work for you, comparing online poker sites for the best deals and bonuses.  Why try and do it yourself?  The top poker sites all work closely with the top casino review sites, updating them with the latest information – it is a symbiotic relationship.  Casino review sites help find customers and advertise on behalf of the casinos.

Casino review sites will only choose the best poker sites because it is their name at stake and they want to look good to attract poker players – so you know you are getting the best comparison of online poker sites to choose from.  And, it is unbiased, they are just displaying the best poker bonuses and deals for you to choose.  In fact the offers from casinos are probably better on a casino review site because of the competition between sites.

Its the same if you want to buy a digital camera.  You buy a magazine that does all the reviews of the top cameras for you – allowing you to choose the camera that best fits your needs.  Sure beats visiting a whole lot of camera shops to try and find the best deal.  Each camera specialist will probably tell you their stock is the best, so that you buy their camera.

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