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Live Poker Tournaments

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Well after the EPT Deauville and Aussie Millions last weekend, it seems a little quiet on the live poker tournament scene.  There is always stuff happening in the online poker world but do you know of anything happening out there in real life?

I was interested to see that a lot of the big name players didn’t make it to the final table in both of last weekends big tournys.  New players are coming through all the time and keeping the competition stiff.

It must be hard if you are a well known player, you have won a lot and proven that you are good but then you get beaten sometimes.  Beaten by some unknown online poker player that has been developing their game quietly at home and then suddenly out of the blue… they enter a tourny and are challenging you at the final table…

Ah the ego must take a beating!!!

The reality is that there are so many good poker players out there now, that it is hard to stay on top all the time.  The odds are that you wont win every time, but to finish consistantly in the top 10 poker players, you have to be good!

How to learn new poker tricks

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So you want to look cool at the poker table?  Maybe the poker chip shuffle would be one way of getting some respect at the table…. well it might at least impress your friends…. for a short while that is.

Anyway, if you want to know more about how to do stuff then take a look at this site.  There is loads of information on all sorts of topics, from how to draw through to how to dance the Cha-Cha.  Poker is well covered and I was impressed by how much information was available.  From poker tricks and strategy, through to bluffing and calculating odds, its all there.  All you have to do is click on the video and you are shown how to do stuff.

This is one sure way of learning the game of poker and getting one step ahead.  Let’s face it in this day and age, you need all the help you can get, to stay ahead.

And, if something else takes your fancy, there’s a lot of other stuff to learn how to do, who knows you may just become an expert artist, software developer or whatever…

All set to go!

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Its the start of 2009 and I’m all set to go! Its going to be a fantastic year poker players, lets be positive!

What with all the doom and gloom talk of the financial crisis, its enough to drive anyone into the depths of depression. I know times are tough, we are going to have to change the way we live, change the way we do business, get more creative and inventive. I’m ready to make these changes, in fact I already have. Are you ready?

The media seems to focus on all the sensation of things going wrong. Why don’t we hear or read more about how to get out of this mess? Or what people are doing right to adapt and change to the current times.

Anyway, enough ranting and raving on my part.

Lets hear from you. How was your Christmas and end of the year? I personally had a great time. I got some good games under the belt, no huge winnings but solid. I’m well rested and really looking forward to the start of 2009. I think a positive attitude is going to help us get out of this mess, so let’s focus on the good, achieving great things and being extraordinary!

Happy Christmas!

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Happy Christmas.

May luck be on your side in 2009!

The festive season…knowledge is power

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Oh boy, how did the last week before Christmas creep up so fast?  I know I ask the same question every year and am caught out every time, by the speed with which our lives zip bye….What a year it has been!  Never a dull moment!  Roll on next year, bring it on… lets see what you have to offer…Can it get worse?  No ways only better!  So bring it on!

So its time again to think of our loved ones and spend some good quality time with family.  I hope you all get a break from whatever it is that you do, a chance to relax, take a break and put your feet up for a bit.  But… if you have a spare moment maybe play a game of poker or two… ah why not…

Its probably a good time to dust off some books, or buy some new reading material, or drop some serious hints to loved ones….about which of the latest, poker strategy  books would look great in your library.  Why not?  If you are traveling far from home and can’t always get online, this is a great time to read up on poker and get one step ahead.

Read as much as you, its never to late learn a new trick or two!  As they say, “Knowledge is power…”

We Put the Player in the Spotlight

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Poker is filled with all types of colorful characters – from stone-faced Chris “Jesus” Ferguson to always blabbering, often out-of-line, Tony G; from analyzing Dan Harrington to seemingly random-playing Mike Matusow.

What’s interesting is that the best players always use their personalities as an asset in their game. They adjust their playing styles based on how they are as human beings. A good poker player can simply not try to be someone he’s not. There’s nothing wrong or right here. Some people gain information by coffee-housing and trying to psyche out opponents while others would give away the strength of their hands just by opening their mouths.

In this blog, we’ll give you a glimpse into the world of professional poker and analyze the most unique players on the circuit – the silent as well as the loud ones.

Getting Started at Online Poker

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Online poker is hotter than ever. Everybody is talking about it, and everybody seems to be playing. If you’re not part of the fascinating world of online poker, but want to be, this is the site for you. offers a tutorial for beginners that will teach you everything you need to know to get started. And there is more to come – we’re constantly thinking about how to develop the site. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.

Download the software - install the poker client

First of all you have to find a poker room of your liking and then download the software. Install the software on your computer and start up the poker client. Generally the poker clients automatically start up a sign-in window where the user types his or hers nicknames and password to enter the poker room. Choose to register a “new user” and a registration form should open up on your screen. Fill all the necessary fields with the required information. Remember that it’s important that you sign up with your real name since the sites can ask you to ID yourself when you want to cash out your money. The poker room will not allow players to cash out money unless the ID name matches the account name.

If Texas Hold’em is the best casino game you would like to start by learning perhaps due to the massive popularity of this particular poker bonus codes and poker game, one of the most vital aspects of the learning process, no matter if you will be playing live or at an online poker room, is that you create your own, personal Texas Holdem Poker Strategy. Be sure to spend a lot of time acquiring a solid one before you start playing with real money in order to minimize losses.

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The lobby - where you find information about the games

When you’re done with the registration, it’s time to sign in and visit the lobby. Here you will find a lot of information about the games and tables in the poker room. What kind of game is it, is it texas holdem, omaha poker or another game? How many players are playing on the table right now? What’s the betting limit and how many players are allowed to play at the table (6 or 10 are the most common numbers)? Generally you will some additional information about the games in the lobby. This information will indicate what kind of game it is – if it’s loose, tight or slow. Hands per hour (how many hands that are played on average in an hour at the table), view flop averages (how many players that see the flop on average) and average pot size are some of the features in the lobby. The “view flop average” is the most useful one because it tells you most about the players at the table.

Come join the free online poker school, Get a free Texas Hold’em Strategy e-book!

Making your first deposit - entering a game

When making your first deposit you have several options on how to do it. For example you can use your credit card or Neteller, which is like a “web wallet” you can deposit money in and withdraw money from. These “web wallets” are especially practical for players who play in several different poker rooms. When you’ve made the deposit the money should show up in the cashier screen in the lobby. To enter a game you simply click on a table you want to play at and then you choose to sit down. There will be a window asking you how much money you want to bring with you to the table. In a fixed limit game a reasonable amount is somewhere between 20-40 big bets and in a no limit game the best buy-in is always the highest possible.

If you run into any problems during the starting up process, don’t hesitate to contact the poker room’s support.


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