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I often get asked how do I find the best online casinos to play poker?  Or, another frequently asked question is, “How do I know I’m getting the best deal on my poker site?”

And the answer is easy – Look at casino review sites.  They do all the work for you, comparing online poker sites for the best deals and bonuses.  Why try and do it yourself?  The top poker sites all work closely with the top casino review sites, updating them with the latest information – it is a symbiotic relationship.  Casino review sites help find customers and advertise on behalf of the casinos.

Casino review sites will only choose the best poker sites because it is their name at stake and they want to look good to attract poker players – so you know you are getting the best comparison of online poker sites to choose from.  And, it is unbiased, they are just displaying the best poker bonuses and deals for you to choose.  In fact the offers from casinos are probably better on a casino review site because of the competition between sites.

Its the same if you want to buy a digital camera.  You buy a magazine that does all the reviews of the top cameras for you – allowing you to choose the camera that best fits your needs.  Sure beats visiting a whole lot of camera shops to try and find the best deal.  Each camera specialist will probably tell you their stock is the best, so that you buy their camera.

Poker vs. Blackjack

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It is commonly accepted that there is a great affinity between poker and blackjack games, but it is also true that you can find a lot of differences separating one from the other.  Just in case you are a poker player and you have never played blackjack before, you need to know the blackjack rules, which are totally different to poker.  Nevertheless, it is still worth playing blackjack and discovering it yourself, piece by piece.

It is important to know, right from the beginning, that, in blackjack games, you are going to compete against the House, and not against other players (like in poker games).  Blackjack is conceived in such a way that the more you play, the more chances of winning the House will have.  However, professional blackjack players that have the right skills and techniques, will know how to make things turn in their favor.

If you own these blackjack skills and strategies, you can really increase your chances of winning.  The truth is that there are not a lot of strategies you need to be aware of when playing blackjack, simply because this game relies on a lot of luck as well.  If you are a skilled card counter, you can increase your chances of winning significantly, but, if you are a great card counter and a lucky person at the same time, you have a lot more chance of winning.

When it comes to poker, the situation is completely different.  First of all, in poker games, you will compete against other players and not against the House.  This important aspect makes you realize that luck is not as important factor in the case of poker as it is in the case of blackjack.  It is essential to know your poker strategy if you want to win, when playing poker.

The majority of gamblers prefer playing poker rather than blackjack. There are many cases when professional blackjack players have simply transferred their entire interest from blackjack to poker.  Professional and serious poker players might have a great time while playing blackjack, but they do this only for fun, without taking into consideration the possibility of transferring their whole interest to the respective game.

The extraordinary popularity of poker also comes from the fact that it has been spread all over the world. You can play it at land-based casinos and also at online casinos.  However, there are people who think that blackjack has more advantageous points than poker.

One of the greatest aspects of blackjack games is represented by the fact they generally have a faster pace than poker games.  Due to the game being played against the House, you do not have to wait for the other players to think their decisions over.  You have to pay attention only to your own decisions without wasting your time uselessly. Blackjack is a simpler game and is easier to learn then poker.

Your only purpose when playing blackjack is to beat the House.  Your whole attention is focused only upon one opponent you are supposed to defeat and this makes your task considerably easier.  When playing blackjack you do not need to use your psychological skills in order to defeat your opponents, for the simple reason you have only one opponent and this is the dealer.  This way, if you want to be the winner, you must focus on your hand that has to be higher than dealer’s hand.

Nevertheless, your hand must not be higher than 21.  In blackjack, you will be the winner if you have 21, as this number represents the best hand you can get.  It is much easier to get 21 in blackjack (as a matter of fact you often get 21 more than once during the same game) than getting a Royal Flush in poker.  For this reason, a lot of players might say that blackjack offers more satisfaction than poker.

Anyway…  this is a questionable matter, as winning in poker can represent a genuine challenge for professional poker players…Poker is a tough game for tough people.  And so, the debate will rage on…

Blackjack is an exciting and fascinating game, but it can never make you feel the same adrenaline offered by poker games.  If you are a competitive person and like being in competition with other people, then you should choose poker (as it will best suit your interests and character).

On the contrary, if you are a reserved person and don’t like interacting too much with other people, than you should undoubtedly opt for blackjack.  In blackjack you are not supposed to come with an amazing strategy because, all you have to do is follow the blackjack rules.  If you are a disciplined player and you follow these rules carefully, there is no doubt that you will have successful results playing blackjack.

When playing poker the situation is completely different, because the players do not always play the same way.  You have a higher probability of winning if you come out with some intelligent and shrewd strategies that are different to your opponent’s strategies.  Whenever you make a decision in a poker game, you have to consider many things at once, such as: your position at the respective table, the position of the other players at the table, their characters, their patterns and methods of play.

In poker, you must pay a lot of attention to the players’ reactions.  You need to be extremely careful of not letting yourself be deceived by appearances.  As a matter of fact, appearances are extremely dangerous in poker, as your opponents use them in order to intimidate you and deceive you.  On the other hand, you can also use this poker strategy to your own favor…

In poker you are able to make the other players act the way you want and control the game.  You can take charge easily as long as you use your psychological skills to the fullest.  In blackjack you do not have to pay attention at other players’ actions and reactions, only to a certain set of rules.

There are different ways to approach poker and blackjack.  The truth is that you will be able to decide which one you like the most and suits your interests – by playing both casino games.

Try Sports Betting

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Have you ever felt like you want to take a break from poker or do something different for a while?  Staying with online gambling and betting you could always look at sports betting.

I enjoy learning new things all the time and I enjoy betting on an outcome when the odds are in my favor.  I don’t know why I just get a kick from placing the bet and waiting for the outcome – I will be honest, not like all gamblers… sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.

Sports betting is all about having information and getting the latest sports news.  You need to keep yourself up to date and use a very good online sportsbook and have access to football lines.  Whilst you are there they also have an online casino so you can change to what you know best if you want, at any time.

Credit Crunch Entertainment

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In this latest worldwide economic crisis it appears that many of us still have enough cash left over to keep our social lives as vibrant as ever, at least until the next financial crisis.

No matter how expensive alcohol, tobacco, gasoline, sports games and air flights get, we still manage to have enough money left over, to purchase these supposedly “vital” pleasures.

For someone who smokes, drinks and takes in a sports game at the weekend, they will be hard pushed to get change from 100 bucks for their one afternoon of fun.  If there is family included, then this will take up a fair bit of your weekly wage – yet we still do it.

So does this mean we should put our social lives on hold, until the governments start fixing the economical problems or should we find an alternative to our social hobbies?  Sitting in the house surfing the internet can take its toll, especially when you start seeing bargains.  Then, of course you might enjoy playing casino games or at least a few hands of blackjack.  Granted; you could win the jackpot.  But you could also get ‘Cabin Fever’ and turn totally insane, if you don’t do anything.

It seems that there are a handful of recreational activities that we are just not prepared to sacrifice even in economical turmoil.  Try stopping your die hard football fan from going to see his favorite team playing at the weekend and partake in a few beers after the game with his friends to celebrate or drown his sorrows – it would be like asking the government to abolish our taxes – it aint gonna happen!

Just like trying to stop your average poker player having a poker night, at some friend’s house or indeed a game of online poker.  These are just some hobbies or pastimes that we have to play, or do, to keep us from going crazy in this time of economical crisis.

It is important to have some hobbies to help us forget any troubles that we, or the rest of the world for that matter, might be in.  As long as we lighten our lives a little during the financial meltdown, we will come through, hopefully with our minds still intact.  I personally enjoy playing online games for light entertainment and fun.  Online slots are probably the best of the online casino games that are value for money.

Most people will be thinking that playing in online casinos is just a recipe for financial disaster in this economical decline.  But if you are careful with your money, you can actually play for as little as 5 cents per spin and play for hours.

The video slots with their extra bonus rounds, make them one of the games with the best value.  Be careful not to overdo it though.  Many people are still playing in online casinos but deposits are getting less, since the financial mess started.

It seems no matter what kind of financial situation people have to deal with, they will still continue to enjoy their social activities.  We will continue to enjoy our holidays, sports and social activities whatever state the economy gets in.  Why not?

There will always be some financial struggle in life for most of us, so it is important to enjoy whatever entertainment pleases us while we can.  Somehow we always manage to get to see that concert, sporting event or play, get to go to Spain for 2 weeks again in the summer, get 2 winning lottery numbers, smoke our brand of cigarettes, play in the latest online poker tournament or have that lad’s night out.  There are some things that the financial crisis cannot take away from us.

Whatever you get up to, enjoy it to the full, whilst you still can – Life is short!

Gambling Tips

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Advice before starting to play

After various interviews with players on line casino and various tests, we will make available the means to properly prepare your debut with online casinos.

Download the first 5 Casinos Top Casino

First, you should download the first 5 casinos in our Top Casino, so you can test a large panel of online casinos.

Read the rules and playing techniques

To understand how games and different technologies available, read our guide and train yourself to play downloaded using casinos in Demo mode. This will also allow you to test them, to get an idea of different casinos downloaded.

Switch to real

When you want to switch to real, you should first make a relatively large sum to receive welcome bonus offered by the casino. The amount of the bonus is calculated on the amount of your first deposit.


You want to bet 200 euros on a casino.

  • Directly by depositing 200 euros in the casino, it offers 200 euro bonus, allowing you to play with a total of 400 euros.
  • If you drop 50 euros, the casino offers only 50 euro bonus, so if you then credit your account 3 times 50, then you have filed a total of 200 euros, but you played with only 250 euros.

During your first deposit, you are therefore advised to credit your account the overall amount you want to play in order to increase your Free Bonus and your probability of gains.

Put into practice the techniques Thursday

Now that you play in real mode, pull down our technical game, so you can make money.
Play in another casino to enjoy the welcome BONUS
To receive a new bonus, you can simply switch to a new real casino and thus enjoy a new amount offered. This method allows you to increase your probability of winning.

Bonus revival

Most casinos offer a selected Bonus revival to encourage you to go play in their online casino, hence the interest to play several casinos.

The downloaded

  1. Vegas Red Vegas Red Download Vegas Red
  2. Prestige Casino Prestige Casino Download Prestige Casino
  3. Europa Casino Europa Casino Europa Casino Download
  4. Casino Del Rio Casino Del Rio Download Casino Del Rio
  5. Cameo Casino Cameo Cameo Casino Download Casino

Best Bonus

  1. Euro 1000 Euro Grand Grand €
  2. Win Win Paris Paris 400 €
  3. Golden Riviera Golden Riviera 200 €
  4. Roxy Palace Roxy Palace 100 €

Our winners

  1. Jean B. (130 000 €) 32 Vegas
  2. Yves D. (25 000 €) Roxy Palace
  3. Anne H. (8 000 €) Casino Splendido
  4. Martine C. (3 760 €) Golden Riviera
  5. David M. (2 130 €) Europa Casino