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In this latest worldwide economic crisis it appears that many of us still have enough cash left over to keep our social lives as vibrant as ever, at least until the next financial crisis.

No matter how expensive alcohol, tobacco, gasoline, sports games and air flights get, we still manage to have enough money left over, to purchase these supposedly “vital” pleasures.

For someone who smokes, drinks and takes in a sports game at the weekend, they will be hard pushed to get change from 100 bucks for their one afternoon of fun.  If there is family included, then this will take up a fair bit of your weekly wage – yet we still do it.

So does this mean we should put our social lives on hold, until the governments start fixing the economical problems or should we find an alternative to our social hobbies?  Sitting in the house surfing the internet can take its toll, especially when you start seeing bargains.  Then, of course you might enjoy playing casino games or at least a few hands of blackjack.  Granted; you could win the jackpot.  But you could also get ‘Cabin Fever’ and turn totally insane, if you don’t do anything.

It seems that there are a handful of recreational activities that we are just not prepared to sacrifice even in economical turmoil.  Try stopping your die hard football fan from going to see his favorite team playing at the weekend and partake in a few beers after the game with his friends to celebrate or drown his sorrows – it would be like asking the government to abolish our taxes – it aint gonna happen!

Just like trying to stop your average poker player having a poker night, at some friend’s house or indeed a game of online poker.  These are just some hobbies or pastimes that we have to play, or do, to keep us from going crazy in this time of economical crisis.

It is important to have some hobbies to help us forget any troubles that we, or the rest of the world for that matter, might be in.  As long as we lighten our lives a little during the financial meltdown, we will come through, hopefully with our minds still intact.  I personally enjoy playing online games for light entertainment and fun.  Online slots are probably the best of the online casino games that are value for money.

Most people will be thinking that playing in online casinos is just a recipe for financial disaster in this economical decline.  But if you are careful with your money, you can actually play for as little as 5 cents per spin and play for hours.

The video slots with their extra bonus rounds, make them one of the games with the best value.  Be careful not to overdo it though.  Many people are still playing in online casinos but deposits are getting less, since the financial mess started.

It seems no matter what kind of financial situation people have to deal with, they will still continue to enjoy their social activities.  We will continue to enjoy our holidays, sports and social activities whatever state the economy gets in.  Why not?

There will always be some financial struggle in life for most of us, so it is important to enjoy whatever entertainment pleases us while we can.  Somehow we always manage to get to see that concert, sporting event or play, get to go to Spain for 2 weeks again in the summer, get 2 winning lottery numbers, smoke our brand of cigarettes, play in the latest online poker tournament or have that lad’s night out.  There are some things that the financial crisis cannot take away from us.

Whatever you get up to, enjoy it to the full, whilst you still can – Life is short!

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  1. Adam A Says:

    So true!!! We always find money for what we want to do, know matter how bad things get.

  2. Desperate Dan Says:

    Thanks for the tips, I really need to make my money last these days so this helps!

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