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Folds trip deuces

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Did you see that incredible hand play out on High Stakes poker?

Tom Dwan has the weakest hand and he raises to a huge amount of $104,000 which completly scares off Peter Eastgate and Barry Greenstein.  Thing is that Eastgate folds trip deuces!!  Can you believe it??  Would you do the same thing?  For $104,000 that may make you think twice about calling the bluff.

It was an interesting poker hand, all of them thought they were in with a chance, so eight players went to the flop!! Then it comes down to Dwan, Greenstein and Eastgate – Dwan comes out strong post flop, the others are wary and just check… then Dwan really turns it on to see who wants to play poker!!!

This hand must have had a big impression on the players because they talk about it for ages afterwards in the next episode.  In fact, because Eastgate admits to folding trip deuces, the other players figure he may have a weakness in his poker game when he is put under pressure – Doyle Brunson exploits this later on in the next episode – Have you seen it?

Have a look at the High Stakes Poker episodes on YouTube if you haven’t seen them already.

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