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Advice before starting to play

After various interviews with players on line casino and various tests, we will make available the means to properly prepare your debut with online casinos.

Download the first 5 Casinos Top Casino

First, you should download the first 5 casinos in our Top Casino, so you can test a large panel of online casinos.

Read the rules and playing techniques

To understand how games and different technologies available, read our guide and train yourself to play downloaded using casinos in Demo mode. This will also allow you to test them, to get an idea of different casinos downloaded.

Switch to real

When you want to switch to real, you should first make a relatively large sum to receive welcome bonus offered by the casino. The amount of the bonus is calculated on the amount of your first deposit.


You want to bet 200 euros on a casino.

  • Directly by depositing 200 euros in the casino, it offers 200 euro bonus, allowing you to play with a total of 400 euros.
  • If you drop 50 euros, the casino offers only 50 euro bonus, so if you then credit your account 3 times 50, then you have filed a total of 200 euros, but you played with only 250 euros.

During your first deposit, you are therefore advised to credit your account the overall amount you want to play in order to increase your Free Bonus and your probability of gains.

Put into practice the techniques Thursday

Now that you play in real mode, pull down our technical game, so you can make money.
Play in another casino to enjoy the welcome BONUS
To receive a new bonus, you can simply switch to a new real casino and thus enjoy a new amount offered. This method allows you to increase your probability of winning.

Bonus revival

Most casinos offer a selected Bonus revival to encourage you to go play in their online casino, hence the interest to play several casinos.

The downloaded

  1. Vegas Red Vegas Red Download Vegas Red
  2. Prestige Casino Prestige Casino Download Prestige Casino
  3. Europa Casino Europa Casino Europa Casino Download
  4. Casino Del Rio Casino Del Rio Download Casino Del Rio
  5. Cameo Casino Cameo Cameo Casino Download Casino

Best Bonus

  1. Euro 1000 Euro Grand Grand €
  2. Win Win Paris Paris 400 €
  3. Golden Riviera Golden Riviera 200 €
  4. Roxy Palace Roxy Palace 100 €

Our winners

  1. Jean B. (130 000 €) 32 Vegas
  2. Yves D. (25 000 €) Roxy Palace
  3. Anne H. (8 000 €) Casino Splendido
  4. Martine C. (3 760 €) Golden Riviera
  5. David M. (2 130 €) Europa Casino

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