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Well after the EPT Deauville and Aussie Millions last weekend, it seems a little quiet on the live poker tournament scene.  There is always stuff happening in the online poker world but do you know of anything happening out there in real life?

I was interested to see that a lot of the big name players didn’t make it to the final table in both of last weekends big tournys.  New players are coming through all the time and keeping the competition stiff.

It must be hard if you are a well known player, you have won a lot and proven that you are good but then you get beaten sometimes.  Beaten by some unknown online poker player that has been developing their game quietly at home and then suddenly out of the blue… they enter a tourny and are challenging you at the final table…

Ah the ego must take a beating!!!

The reality is that there are so many good poker players out there now, that it is hard to stay on top all the time.  The odds are that you wont win every time, but to finish consistantly in the top 10 poker players, you have to be good!

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