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Living on the edge

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Nothing like living on the edge.  I’ve been playing poker in some cash games recently, I just needed a change and decided to head down to my casino and ruffle a few feathers.  Always like to get under the boy’s skin sometimes…

Sometimes I enjoy the social aspect of playing poker in the casino, poker online can get a bit lonesome if you play it over and over.

Anyway I was doodling along nicely, not really getting in anyones way, didn’t really have the cards to start raising… and my stack was down a bit, but nothing serious.  Then I hit on a pair of kings and although the flop didn’t go my way, I still bet… after the river I had two pairs… I didn’t get too much resistance, so I pushed a few more into see what would happen… anyway eventually it was showdown time and I lost to three nines… damn!

A few more hands later and I was getting low on chips… if things didn’t change soon it would be an early night for me… nothing seemed to be going my way.

When things were getting really desperate, I saw a bluff coming and won some back, well I had a hunch… turned out I was right… got lucky… got a lifeline.  Then I had a big showdown with this guy that thought he had the nuts… suppose because I was quiet for most of the evening he thought I was a weak player or something… shame!!  His full house was not full enough…

So there I was with a towering stack and a not so happy table… I tried my best apologetic smile.. guess it wasn’t working too well!

Amazing how in poker sometimes your fortune can change and swing around, other times nothing goes your way.

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