It’s impossible to play multi-player poker by yourself, unless you are schizophrenic, in which case, 4 out of 5 yous may want to seek out some professional help.

If you think poker is poker you’re wrong. The difference between multi-player poker and regular poker is simple. If you’re not playing against other people, then you’re either playing against a dealer, or you’re playing against no one. When playing against a dealer, even if there are other people at the table, you’re not engaged in multi-player poker.

Poker games with a dealer can be found in online and land casinos and include such popular table games as Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud, Let-it-Ride and 3-Card Poker.

How can you play poker against no one? The only way to play poker alone is in the Video Poker parlor. When engaged in Video Poker there is no opposition. You’re playing against odds, usually in some variant of Draw Poker, like Jacks or Better.

Types of Multi-player Poker Games and Ways to Play

The most popular Multi-player game in the world is Texas Holdem. Other popular multi-player games include Omaha Holdem, Pineapple Holdem and 7-Card Stud.

Playing in a tournament is one way to engage in poker with the most of amount of people. Tournaments can include hundreds and even thousands of players, of course not all playing at the same table. Usually, no more than ten players compete at one table at the same time. Another way to engage in Multi-player poker is at a ring-game. Ring-games can have anywhere from 2-10 players at any given time. There is no real advantage to the amount of players at a particular table. The more players at a table may increase the likelihood that pots will grow in size, but not necessarily. When playing Texas Holdem, the end of the game usually comes down to a showdown between two, maybe three people at the most.

Multi-Player Poker is Fun

What is the difference between a poker player and a dog? In ten years, the dog will stop whining. Still, it’s good to be around people and interact. Multi-player poker is a form of social interaction and everyone needs to be around other people every once and awhile. A multi-player poker game may not offer the same kind of spiritual fulfillment as a church function, but it may be a little more fun. Multi-player tables offer a sense of camaraderie among poker players, even if poker players have a tendency to complain after bad beats.