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Try Sports Betting

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Have you ever felt like you want to take a break from poker or do something different for a while?  Staying with online gambling and betting you could always look at sports betting.

I enjoy learning new things all the time and I enjoy betting on an outcome when the odds are in my favor.  I don’t know why I just get a kick from placing the bet and waiting for the outcome – I will be honest, not like all gamblers… sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.

Sports betting is all about having information and getting the latest sports news.  You need to keep yourself up to date and use a very good online sportsbook and have access to football lines.  Whilst you are there they also have an online casino so you can change to what you know best if you want, at any time.

Live Poker Tournaments

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Well after the EPT Deauville and Aussie Millions last weekend, it seems a little quiet on the live poker tournament scene.  There is always stuff happening in the online poker world but do you know of anything happening out there in real life?

I was interested to see that a lot of the big name players didn’t make it to the final table in both of last weekends big tournys.  New players are coming through all the time and keeping the competition stiff.

It must be hard if you are a well known player, you have won a lot and proven that you are good but then you get beaten sometimes.  Beaten by some unknown online poker player that has been developing their game quietly at home and then suddenly out of the blue… they enter a tourny and are challenging you at the final table…

Ah the ego must take a beating!!!

The reality is that there are so many good poker players out there now, that it is hard to stay on top all the time.  The odds are that you wont win every time, but to finish consistantly in the top 10 poker players, you have to be good!

Credit Crunch Entertainment

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In this latest worldwide economic crisis it appears that many of us still have enough cash left over to keep our social lives as vibrant as ever, at least until the next financial crisis.

No matter how expensive alcohol, tobacco, gasoline, sports games and air flights get, we still manage to have enough money left over, to purchase these supposedly “vital” pleasures.

For someone who smokes, drinks and takes in a sports game at the weekend, they will be hard pushed to get change from 100 bucks for their one afternoon of fun.  If there is family included, then this will take up a fair bit of your weekly wage – yet we still do it.

So does this mean we should put our social lives on hold, until the governments start fixing the economical problems or should we find an alternative to our social hobbies?  Sitting in the house surfing the internet can take its toll, especially when you start seeing bargains.  Then, of course you might enjoy playing casino games or at least a few hands of blackjack.  Granted; you could win the jackpot.  But you could also get ‘Cabin Fever’ and turn totally insane, if you don’t do anything.

It seems that there are a handful of recreational activities that we are just not prepared to sacrifice even in economical turmoil.  Try stopping your die hard football fan from going to see his favorite team playing at the weekend and partake in a few beers after the game with his friends to celebrate or drown his sorrows – it would be like asking the government to abolish our taxes – it aint gonna happen!

Just like trying to stop your average poker player having a poker night, at some friend’s house or indeed a game of online poker.  These are just some hobbies or pastimes that we have to play, or do, to keep us from going crazy in this time of economical crisis.

It is important to have some hobbies to help us forget any troubles that we, or the rest of the world for that matter, might be in.  As long as we lighten our lives a little during the financial meltdown, we will come through, hopefully with our minds still intact.  I personally enjoy playing online games for light entertainment and fun.  Online slots are probably the best of the online casino games that are value for money.

Most people will be thinking that playing in online casinos is just a recipe for financial disaster in this economical decline.  But if you are careful with your money, you can actually play for as little as 5 cents per spin and play for hours.

The video slots with their extra bonus rounds, make them one of the games with the best value.  Be careful not to overdo it though.  Many people are still playing in online casinos but deposits are getting less, since the financial mess started.

It seems no matter what kind of financial situation people have to deal with, they will still continue to enjoy their social activities.  We will continue to enjoy our holidays, sports and social activities whatever state the economy gets in.  Why not?

There will always be some financial struggle in life for most of us, so it is important to enjoy whatever entertainment pleases us while we can.  Somehow we always manage to get to see that concert, sporting event or play, get to go to Spain for 2 weeks again in the summer, get 2 winning lottery numbers, smoke our brand of cigarettes, play in the latest online poker tournament or have that lad’s night out.  There are some things that the financial crisis cannot take away from us.

Whatever you get up to, enjoy it to the full, whilst you still can – Life is short!

How to learn new poker tricks

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So you want to look cool at the poker table?  Maybe the poker chip shuffle would be one way of getting some respect at the table…. well it might at least impress your friends…. for a short while that is.

Anyway, if you want to know more about how to do stuff then take a look at this site.  There is loads of information on all sorts of topics, from how to draw through to how to dance the Cha-Cha.  Poker is well covered and I was impressed by how much information was available.  From poker tricks and strategy, through to bluffing and calculating odds, its all there.  All you have to do is click on the video and you are shown how to do stuff.

This is one sure way of learning the game of poker and getting one step ahead.  Let’s face it in this day and age, you need all the help you can get, to stay ahead.

And, if something else takes your fancy, there’s a lot of other stuff to learn how to do, who knows you may just become an expert artist, software developer or whatever…

Rake contribution methods

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It’s become clear from some of the feedback we are getting, that there is some confusion about how rake is calculated.  Here is an explanation, that may help our followers.

As a rakeback player, there are a couple of things you have to know in order to be able to make the most of your deal.  As you probably know, rakeback is a percentage of the rake you pay out while playing at real money tables.  This percentage can be anything from 25-30% all the way to over 100% (in the case of prop deals). While your percentage is indeed fixed, there are ways you can maximize it, by making sure that you are allotted as much rake contribution as possible.

For that, you need to know the rake contribution calculation method your poker room uses.

Here are the different methods poker rooms use to determine a player’s MGR or rake contribution:

1.      The dealt rake method. This method takes the rake taken off the pot at the end of the hand and divides it with the number of players dealt into the hand. This way, everyone who got hole-cards gets a little bit of rake contribution allotted.

This method carries obvious advantages for the tight-passive players, (those who do not like to put chips into the pot unless they’re quite certain they have the best hand), because – with a rakeback deal – they’ll be making money on all those hands they decide to fold.

On the other hand, the dealt rake method short-changes the loose aggressive players who end up generating rake for the others this way.

2.      The contributed rake method has two versions. The simple contributed rake method awards MGR to all those players who were dealt in and put money into the pot in an equal manner. The resulting rake is equally divided among those who put money into the pot. This way, regardless of how much money you get into the pot, you’ll get just as much MGR allotted as the guy next to you who only called one BB.

Tight-passive rocks will not earn much MGR and thus rakeback, in poker rooms which use this method.

3.      The weighted-contributed rake calculation method is the most accurate one. It takes into account how much money a player puts into the pot, and the resulting rake is distributed in direct proportion with the contributed money.

Loose-aggressive players will love this method as it does them full justice, and they will not have to settle with generating rake back for some other guy at their table.

Make a careful assessment in regards to which of these player categories you belong to, and choose your rakeback deal accordingly.

All set to go!

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Its the start of 2009 and I’m all set to go! Its going to be a fantastic year poker players, lets be positive!

What with all the doom and gloom talk of the financial crisis, its enough to drive anyone into the depths of depression. I know times are tough, we are going to have to change the way we live, change the way we do business, get more creative and inventive. I’m ready to make these changes, in fact I already have. Are you ready?

The media seems to focus on all the sensation of things going wrong. Why don’t we hear or read more about how to get out of this mess? Or what people are doing right to adapt and change to the current times.

Anyway, enough ranting and raving on my part.

Lets hear from you. How was your Christmas and end of the year? I personally had a great time. I got some good games under the belt, no huge winnings but solid. I’m well rested and really looking forward to the start of 2009. I think a positive attitude is going to help us get out of this mess, so let’s focus on the good, achieving great things and being extraordinary!

Happy Christmas!

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Happy Christmas.

May luck be on your side in 2009!

The festive season…knowledge is power

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Oh boy, how did the last week before Christmas creep up so fast?  I know I ask the same question every year and am caught out every time, by the speed with which our lives zip bye….What a year it has been!  Never a dull moment!  Roll on next year, bring it on… lets see what you have to offer…Can it get worse?  No ways only better!  So bring it on!

So its time again to think of our loved ones and spend some good quality time with family.  I hope you all get a break from whatever it is that you do, a chance to relax, take a break and put your feet up for a bit.  But… if you have a spare moment maybe play a game of poker or two… ah why not…

Its probably a good time to dust off some books, or buy some new reading material, or drop some serious hints to loved ones….about which of the latest, poker strategy  books would look great in your library.  Why not?  If you are traveling far from home and can’t always get online, this is a great time to read up on poker and get one step ahead.

Read as much as you, its never to late learn a new trick or two!  As they say, “Knowledge is power…”

Gambling Tips

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Advice before starting to play

After various interviews with players on line casino and various tests, we will make available the means to properly prepare your debut with online casinos.

Download the first 5 Casinos Top Casino

First, you should download the first 5 casinos in our Top Casino, so you can test a large panel of online casinos.

Read the rules and playing techniques

To understand how games and different technologies available, read our guide and train yourself to play downloaded using casinos in Demo mode. This will also allow you to test them, to get an idea of different casinos downloaded.

Switch to real

When you want to switch to real, you should first make a relatively large sum to receive welcome bonus offered by the casino. The amount of the bonus is calculated on the amount of your first deposit.


You want to bet 200 euros on a casino.

  • Directly by depositing 200 euros in the casino, it offers 200 euro bonus, allowing you to play with a total of 400 euros.
  • If you drop 50 euros, the casino offers only 50 euro bonus, so if you then credit your account 3 times 50, then you have filed a total of 200 euros, but you played with only 250 euros.

During your first deposit, you are therefore advised to credit your account the overall amount you want to play in order to increase your Free Bonus and your probability of gains.

Put into practice the techniques Thursday

Now that you play in real mode, pull down our technical game, so you can make money.
Play in another casino to enjoy the welcome BONUS
To receive a new bonus, you can simply switch to a new real casino and thus enjoy a new amount offered. This method allows you to increase your probability of winning.

Bonus revival

Most casinos offer a selected Bonus revival to encourage you to go play in their online casino, hence the interest to play several casinos.

The downloaded

  1. Vegas Red Vegas Red Download Vegas Red
  2. Prestige Casino Prestige Casino Download Prestige Casino
  3. Europa Casino Europa Casino Europa Casino Download
  4. Casino Del Rio Casino Del Rio Download Casino Del Rio
  5. Cameo Casino Cameo Cameo Casino Download Casino

Best Bonus

  1. Euro 1000 Euro Grand Grand €
  2. Win Win Paris Paris 400 €
  3. Golden Riviera Golden Riviera 200 €
  4. Roxy Palace Roxy Palace 100 €

Our winners

  1. Jean B. (130 000 €) 32 Vegas
  2. Yves D. (25 000 €) Roxy Palace
  3. Anne H. (8 000 €) Casino Splendido
  4. Martine C. (3 760 €) Golden Riviera
  5. David M. (2 130 €) Europa Casino

WSOP H.O.R.S.E. Champion Chip Reese

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Born on March 28, 1951, and originally hailing from Centerville, OH, David Edward Reese (better known as poker pro Chip Reese) was well on his way to life as a professional poker player by the time he reached the age of 6. Reese contracted rheumatic fever and was forced to stay home during his early elementary years, and during that time his mother helped him pass the time by playing board games and card games; little did she know that she was laying a foundation that Chip would build upon to become a professional poker playing millionaire.

Reese was a true student of the poker varieties and began his WSOP winning in 1979 when he took the championship in the $1,000 Seven Card Stud-Split, earning him a whopping 20 grand. His most recent win came in 2006 in the all-encompassing event known as H.O.R.S.E. – a rotation of Hold’em, Omaha 8 or better, Razz, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud 8 or better. They games are played in such an order, and Reese was the first to take the prize in the unprecedented $50,000 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. competition. In 2007 the $50,000 buy-in will make its second showing for those bold enough to put their skill to the test.

As a young man, Reese recovered fully from his childhood illness and became quite the standout during high school and college. He was a superb high school football player and was also involved in debate; that led him to Dartmouth College after he turned down the opportunity to attend another Ivy League school by the name of Harvard. He continued to excel in the world of debate and played football for one year in college, all the while enjoying card games of every variety with his fraternity buddies.

After moving to Arizona, Reese applied and was admitted to the prestigious Stanford School of Business, but around that same time he had enjoyed a first visit to Las Vegas, NV, where he made several thousand dollars in a very short amount of time. He decided that anything else could wait as he continued to ride his prosperous wave in the desert. After hitting the 6 figure mark before he would have even completed his first semester of business studies, he was sold. He considered Las Vegas home since that time, and continued to stay active in high-stakes action as well as prestigious tournament play (WSOP and WPT events).

In addition to being one of the most well-rounded players in the world of poker he also commanded the respect of all of his peers. He was part of the original Super System by Doyle Brunson, contributing his knowledge on 7 Card Stud to the best selling poker book of all time.

At you can find your favorite online poker room and play texas holdem or any popular poker game for real money.