A poker face is not only about keeping your countenance emotion free while playing poker, but even maintaining such a body posture that it does not give away any tell-tale signs. Having a serious face often shows that you know what you are doing which my impress your opponents and can be used to your advantage. Many poker players use sun glasses, visors, caps etc. to keep their expressions from showing.

Always remain calm and act the same every hand, whether you are losing or winning. If you are unable to control nervous shaking of the body when you are about to make your move, your opponents will know and fold instead of betting.

Do not give away your emotions through nervous tell tale signs like tapping on the table, pulling your hair, twirling, itching, biting your nails etc. If you are bluffing and you don’t look your opponent right in the eyes he will know you are bluffing. Look at your opponents as much a possible in a very serious way.

Try not to be predictable. If you have a certain sign that you always exhibit when you have a good hand or a bad one, your opponents will guess your move and avoid playing or betting. Read articles on 5 typical poker mistakes you should avoid common mistakes while playing poker games .

If you can’t look serious all the time, then try to smile all the time. That may also work.