Poker Room one of the best internet poker sites is giving their players the most exciting breakthrough and innovative game of poker for years. The Team Tournaments have arrived to Poker Room. Anyone can participate in a team, maximum of ten players per team. Or you can have your own team with your own set of internet online poker friends.

With this Team Tournament, your regular Friday nights can turn into a night of great poker tournaments even if you are in the comfort of your home.

A team may consist of five, as the minimum number of players or a maximum of ten players. The team will compete in Team Eliminators or Team Leagues for a prize of cash. The team is created by their leader, the Team Manager. The Team Manager can invite people into the team or he can accept players that want to be included in his team. The job of the Team Manager is to select players who will compete in matches and sign-up their team for other various activities.

The League Tournaments

Team Tournament leagues is composed of several rounds, with each round several players compete simultaneously. To enter the league, the team must pay the buy-in; this varies with the number of teams that participate in the league. The number of rounds and either the tournament is held daily or weekly is determined also in the buy-in.

Let us say for example, one Poker Room has 20 team leagues who participated in their Team Tournament. This tournament is up to ten rounds and with every round there are about five matches going on simultaneously. Each match of poker will be a multi-table game with one representative from each team, in this particular tournament, there are 20 teams.

The amount of the prize money will be from the total buy-ins that are paid by every team, the prize will be given after the completion of the ten rounds.

Team Eliminators

Each team will compete with each other in Team Eliminator Tournaments. This is a heads-up match kind of poker game. Every team will nominate one player to compete with other teams in every round. The winner from the first match will go on to the next match but the loser is out. Each round one team is eliminated.

Poker Room took a big leap by providing poker players with tournaments such as this. At the moment it is sure an absolute fancy. Poker Room has done a great job of doing this genuine alternative for something different and new that most poker players will surely like. It’s now up for the other poker casinos to catch up.