Online Poker is a game of skill and only partly a game of luck. Obviously, there is no sure-fire way to win at poker. But there are little things that you can learn that will lead you to success.

The first rule is to have your cards committed to memory. Look at your cards and memorize them by silently repeating them in your mind till you know them by rote. If you continuously look at your cards, your opponents may get an idea of what you have.

Watch their body language, facial expressions, habits, tic etc of your opponents. Observe and learn how they react when a certain play is made. When you are not in a hand it is a perfect time to watch other players at the table to pick up hints about the cards they hold.

Expressions of a person are very important. Observe how they emote when a certain play is made, happiness, disappointment, frustration etc; it will help you gauge their emotions next time around. Thus, if you can control your emotions, it will be harder for your opponents to guess about the cards you are holding. If someone bluffs and wins — let it be. It is better to fold a few winning hands then call every bet to river and lose all your money.

Always remain focused and alert in your game. Avoid playing if you are tired and stressed out. The best way to success is to concentrate on the game and forget about the rest of the world during that time.

Read as much as you can about the game; research on the net and then practice before you actually play for serious money. Watch other players play the game, observe why some people lose all the time while others win.