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Poker vs. Blackjack

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It is commonly accepted that there is a great affinity between poker and blackjack games, but it is also true that you can find a lot of differences separating one from the other.  Just in case you are a poker player and you have never played blackjack before, you need to know the blackjack rules, which are totally different to poker.  Nevertheless, it is still worth playing blackjack and discovering it yourself, piece by piece.

It is important to know, right from the beginning, that, in blackjack games, you are going to compete against the House, and not against other players (like in poker games).  Blackjack is conceived in such a way that the more you play, the more chances of winning the House will have.  However, professional blackjack players that have the right skills and techniques, will know how to make things turn in their favor.

If you own these blackjack skills and strategies, you can really increase your chances of winning.  The truth is that there are not a lot of strategies you need to be aware of when playing blackjack, simply because this game relies on a lot of luck as well.  If you are a skilled card counter, you can increase your chances of winning significantly, but, if you are a great card counter and a lucky person at the same time, you have a lot more chance of winning.

When it comes to poker, the situation is completely different.  First of all, in poker games, you will compete against other players and not against the House.  This important aspect makes you realize that luck is not as important factor in the case of poker as it is in the case of blackjack.  It is essential to know your poker strategy if you want to win, when playing poker.

The majority of gamblers prefer playing poker rather than blackjack. There are many cases when professional blackjack players have simply transferred their entire interest from blackjack to poker.  Professional and serious poker players might have a great time while playing blackjack, but they do this only for fun, without taking into consideration the possibility of transferring their whole interest to the respective game.

The extraordinary popularity of poker also comes from the fact that it has been spread all over the world. You can play it at land-based casinos and also at online casinos.  However, there are people who think that blackjack has more advantageous points than poker.

One of the greatest aspects of blackjack games is represented by the fact they generally have a faster pace than poker games.  Due to the game being played against the House, you do not have to wait for the other players to think their decisions over.  You have to pay attention only to your own decisions without wasting your time uselessly. Blackjack is a simpler game and is easier to learn then poker.

Your only purpose when playing blackjack is to beat the House.  Your whole attention is focused only upon one opponent you are supposed to defeat and this makes your task considerably easier.  When playing blackjack you do not need to use your psychological skills in order to defeat your opponents, for the simple reason you have only one opponent and this is the dealer.  This way, if you want to be the winner, you must focus on your hand that has to be higher than dealer’s hand.

Nevertheless, your hand must not be higher than 21.  In blackjack, you will be the winner if you have 21, as this number represents the best hand you can get.  It is much easier to get 21 in blackjack (as a matter of fact you often get 21 more than once during the same game) than getting a Royal Flush in poker.  For this reason, a lot of players might say that blackjack offers more satisfaction than poker.

Anyway…  this is a questionable matter, as winning in poker can represent a genuine challenge for professional poker players…Poker is a tough game for tough people.  And so, the debate will rage on…

Blackjack is an exciting and fascinating game, but it can never make you feel the same adrenaline offered by poker games.  If you are a competitive person and like being in competition with other people, then you should choose poker (as it will best suit your interests and character).

On the contrary, if you are a reserved person and don’t like interacting too much with other people, than you should undoubtedly opt for blackjack.  In blackjack you are not supposed to come with an amazing strategy because, all you have to do is follow the blackjack rules.  If you are a disciplined player and you follow these rules carefully, there is no doubt that you will have successful results playing blackjack.

When playing poker the situation is completely different, because the players do not always play the same way.  You have a higher probability of winning if you come out with some intelligent and shrewd strategies that are different to your opponent’s strategies.  Whenever you make a decision in a poker game, you have to consider many things at once, such as: your position at the respective table, the position of the other players at the table, their characters, their patterns and methods of play.

In poker, you must pay a lot of attention to the players’ reactions.  You need to be extremely careful of not letting yourself be deceived by appearances.  As a matter of fact, appearances are extremely dangerous in poker, as your opponents use them in order to intimidate you and deceive you.  On the other hand, you can also use this poker strategy to your own favor…

In poker you are able to make the other players act the way you want and control the game.  You can take charge easily as long as you use your psychological skills to the fullest.  In blackjack you do not have to pay attention at other players’ actions and reactions, only to a certain set of rules.

There are different ways to approach poker and blackjack.  The truth is that you will be able to decide which one you like the most and suits your interests – by playing both casino games.

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