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The festive season…knowledge is power

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Oh boy, how did the last week before Christmas creep up so fast?  I know I ask the same question every year and am caught out every time, by the speed with which our lives zip bye….What a year it has been!  Never a dull moment!  Roll on next year, bring it on… lets see what you have to offer…Can it get worse?  No ways only better!  So bring it on!

So its time again to think of our loved ones and spend some good quality time with family.  I hope you all get a break from whatever it is that you do, a chance to relax, take a break and put your feet up for a bit.  But… if you have a spare moment maybe play a game of poker or two… ah why not…

Its probably a good time to dust off some books, or buy some new reading material, or drop some serious hints to loved ones….about which of the latest, poker strategy  books would look great in your library.  Why not?  If you are traveling far from home and can’t always get online, this is a great time to read up on poker and get one step ahead.

Read as much as you, its never to late learn a new trick or two!  As they say, “Knowledge is power…”

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