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Timing and pacing yourself are important if you are going to being playing poker for a long time.

To some extent you can control the timing of what you want to do, but obviously its also up to the cards that you get.

I have found that it helps to play it quiet in the beginning whilst you are checking out everyone.  Finding out their type of game and character.  If you are keeping it tight and quiet in the beginning then you are not giving too much away about yourself.

You always get one loud person at the poker table, or if you keep quiet then at least one person who is louder than you.  Poker online is a bit different but you can tell by their play what character they are.

Then when you think the timing is right, I like to increase the aggressive play a bit, throw in a few semi-bluffs into my poker game and see how they go down… how the characters react… test them.  So often they fold because they are so taken aback by the aggressive play.

Don’t overdo the aggressive play because they will start to call your bluff.

What do you think?

The nice thing about being a woman poker player is that the guys are often throwing their weight around, all the egos are trying to outdo each other… whilst us woman don’t worry about that too much and just get on with the game.

We get enough satisfaction from beating big egos!!  We don’t have to brag about it all night!!

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