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Traditional Seven-card Stud Poker

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Traditional seven-card stud poker has a long history and is known by many poker players.  This poker game is usually played with 2 to 8 poker players.  All players are dealt two cards, face down (also called hole cards) as well as one card, face up – this is called ‘third street’.  A player holding the lowest card is required to ‘bring in’ and start the betting.  Players then raise, call or fold, just like any other poker game.

‘Fourth street’ – each player is dealt a fourth card, face up and then betting continues.  The player holding the best-exposed hand starts with the betting.  For instance, if a player holds an exposed card combination of AQ, another holds 55 exposed and the other holds 48 exposed, the player with 55 is considered the first since he holds a pair of 5s.

‘Fifth street’ – each player is dealt another exposed card, which is followed by another betting round.  The game continues for a ‘sixth street’ card and further betting.  The ‘seventh street’ – Each player is dealt a final hole card and the final betting round takes place.

If there are 8 players and not enough cards are left in the deck, for each player to get a final hole card, one card is put on the board, which is shared by each player, similar to a Texas Holdem poker game.

If you don’t know seven-card stud poker, give it a try – expand your poker skill and poker knowledge!

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