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You just got Durrrred!

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Ha You just got Durrrred!  That has to be one of the weirdest poker hands I have seen.  Once again I was watching High Stakes Poker, Howard Lederer and Tom Dwan square up – four bets before the flop, check, check and Dwan takes it with a pair of eights…

Learn poker from the pros…

But comeon!! Who bets before the flop with 8,6 off suited – no-one!  Dwan does… but dont try this at home it may be dangerous!  The prof of poker is so confused with Dwan’s play that he looks in a daze afterwards, like he’s done 15 rounds and is punch drunk!

Talk about courage and conviction… you certainly need that playing against Dwan!  Cant wait to see more of him facing up to Antonius, should be good.

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  1. Deb Says:

    High Stakes poker is totally awesome, they look so cool, but the poker is tops!

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